Office-based Infusion Toolkit

Do you want to improve immunology care outcomes, increase medication compliance rates, grow your practice, and improve your relationship with patients? If so, then an in-house infusion clinic might be right for you and your patients. There are several reasons to consider in-house immunology infusions.

Patient Testimonial

Listen to Frank, a patient who receives IV infusions, as he describes his preference for receiving his therapy in a private practice setting compared with receiving infusions in a hospital setting.

Faculty Welcome Video

This toolkit provides you, the clinician, with the necessary procedures, processes, and plans to incorporate an IV infusion center within your existing practice.

Developed in collaboration with:

Gregory Bensch, MD

Allergy Immunology and Asthma Medical Group
Stockton, California

Kristin Epland, MSN, FNP-C

Midwest Immunology Clinic
Plymouth, Minnesota

Josh Jacobs, MD

Allergy & Asthma Medical Group
of the Bay Area
Walnut Hill, California


Most pharmacies, including some medical office IV infusion clinics, must be licensed through their State Board of Pharmacy and/or other regulatory bodies, which may or may not include federal, county, or municipal regulatory bodies. Before opening an in-office infusion clinic, it is strongly recommended that physicians in private practice consult with their respective State Board(s) of Pharmacy and any other applicable regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with all applicable laws; licensing standards; and staffing requirements for medical infusion clinic setup, staffing, and management. Visit your State Board of Pharmacy Website or the National Association of State Boards of Pharmacy at for more information.