Staff Recertification

Recertification for infusion nurses is generally required every 3 years. Nurses can elect to receive recertification via exam (September of the third year) or by accumulating 40 hours of recertification units through continuing education during the 3-year cycle.

  • Recertification:

  • Standards of Practice for Infusion Nurses (eBook for purchase):

Infusion Center Standards

As an independent practice, you and your partners may not be pursuing Joint Commission accreditation. However, their guidelines for medication management as well as infection prevention and safety compliance are practices for consideration as you establish your infusion suite. Ensuring safe handling of therapies and safe treatment of infusion patients (ie, infusion-related infection surveillance) is paramount to a successful in-house infusion practice. Infusion-related handling and safety protocols may vary by state; contact your State Boards of Nursing, Pharmacy for further information.

The National Infusion Center Association (NICA) is a member-driven organization that can serve as a resource for practitioners interested in establishing in-office infusion practices. This organization provides several educational modules and continuing education forums that members can access on their website.

Some NICA discussion boards do not require member sign-in and allow you to view issues (and discussion threads) that have been encountered by other practitioners who have established in-office IV services. In addition, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) lists state-specific requirements for ambulatory health care; although not always infusion-center specific, this website can provide a starting point for investigating state laws and regulations.