Policies and Procedures

Create an infusion office training kit. Keep the following resources in a binder or online in an easily accessible format and location.

  • Emergency procedures
  • Patient information
    • Medication guides
  • Other practice-specific materials (ie, policies/procedures, referral sites, local emergency responders, etc)
  • Protocols for adverse events
    • How to manage anaphylaxis?
  • Informed consent forms
  • Continuing education resources
  • Anaphylaxis Guidelines:
  • Privigen (IVIG):
    • Practitioner/Clinician Infusion Guide:
    • Patient Support Services (a top-line guide):
  • Medication Guides (a sampling of relevant guides is listed below; not an inclusive list)
    • Omalizumab (Xolair):
    • Mepolizumab (Nucala):
    • Reslizumab (Cinqair):
    • Gammagard (IVIG or SCIG) FAQs:
    • Gamunex-C (IVIG or SCIG): Prescribing Information and Medication Guide:

Keep Office Policies and Procedures Current

Continuing education of your clinical IV/infusion staff is essential for keeping your internal policies and procedures current, evidence-based, and focused on best practices. Make sure your clinical staff completes ongoing training and has a direct stake in updating your IV/infusion policies.

The 3 “P”s: Planning, Policy, and Procedure

Kristin Epland, MSN, FNP-C

Midwest Immunology Clinic and Infusion Center